We’re pleased to welcome all ages to North End Dental Care, and we look forward to meeting you and your family. First impressions matter, and we want your first experience with us to set the stage for a long-term, mutually rewarding relationship

What to Bring to Your Appointment

Please bring your photo ID and any insurance cards you plan to use.

When You Arrive

Upon arrival at North End Dental Care, our front desk team will greet you warmly and check you in. You’ll find the patient forms you need to fill out here on our forms page, and filling them out beforehand will allow you to get the most out of your appointment.

If you can’t complete your paperwork before your appointment, please plan to arrive 15 minutes early, and you can fill them out in the comfort of our dental office.

Your First Appointment

At your appointed time, we will take you to your treatment room, and you will meet with our dental hygienist, who will review your medical history and the medications you take. Many medical conditions can present as symptoms in your mouth, so we need to have a complete picture of your general health.

Your hygienist will perform a dental cleaning where she will check the condition of your teeth and gums, look for signs of gum disease, and note any areas of concern. Once she has all your information, she will thoroughly floss your teeth, clean them using specialized instruments, and polish them to leave you with that fresh, clean feeling.

Dr. Moriarty will then conduct a comprehensive oral exam that includes checking your gums for signs of periodontal disease and checking your teeth for wear, decay, signs of teeth grinding, dental erosion, etc. He will also evaluate your dental bite and take diagnostic x-rays as needed.

Your Personalized Treatment Plan

If we discover conditions that we need to correct, Dr. Moriarty will recommend the treatments you need to get your oral health back on track. We’ll work together to develop a long-term treatment plan that we can adapt to fit your needs.

At this time, we’ll also explain how your dental insurance applies and what you can expect from treatment.

Please Call Us to Get Started

Our exceptional team looks forward to welcoming you to North End Dental Care. Please call our Manchester, NH dental office at (603) 668-6360 to schedule, or email us using our convenient online contact form.