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Can I delay my dental treatment?

When Dr. Moriarty recommends a particular dental procedure at our Manchester dental office, it’s because he has determined that it is going to benefit your long-term oral health in some way. He will always explain to you why he recommends treatment and will share your digital x-rays and intraoral images with you so you can see the problem for yourself.

Patients often ask us if they can delay their dental treatment, and it’s our job to help you understand the consequences of doing so.

For example, a cavity may not be painful at the moment, which may give you a false sense of security that everything’s okay. But the truth is that, without treatment, the decay continues to eat away at your tooth, and by the time you develop a toothache, it may be damaged beyond repair

A small spot of decay that we could have repaired with a dental filling can spread into the inner part of your tooth and become infected or abscessed and cause you considerable pain. Instead of a simple filling, now the tooth requires a root canal procedure to relieve your pain and save the tooth from extraction.

If anxiety prevents you from following through with treatment, please let us know. In many cases, Dr. Moriarty can prescribe a calming medication that you take before your appointment to help keep you calm and comfortable.

Please don’t put off needed dental treatment. Call our Manchester, NH dental office so we can help you.

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